The Analyst Report is a independent, non-partisan news organisation founded by Scottish researcher Steven MacMillan, designed to provide a detailed account of the world’s political landscape.

It is a blend of historical and modern stories, to inform readers of major geopolitical trends, the latest economic developments, and pertinent news articles from around the planet.

We have a news aggregate section of the website, compiling articles from a variety of open source material, along with our own take on the world’s events as they unfold.

The purpose of the organisation is to provide an array of news articles from a variety of sources – certain publications are from state propaganda outlets, others are from independent journalists – so the reader can amalgamate and synthesize the information for themselves, in order to build a more comprehensive picture of the world we live in.

Please feel free to leave comments and criticisms on the site, as true liberty and freedom is synonymous with open and passionate debate.

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